Measures for Two project


I would like to know if you can help me

  • to group results with two projects, I would like add Measures of SW - Banque and SW - DSI and see other project too
    example : All issues created for :
    SD - Service Desk
    SW - Banque + SW - DSI
    SW - Hors projets

  • I would not want to take into account an issue specific (KEy = HP-10) in the projets SW - Hors projets in my calculations

Thanks by advance for your help

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You can define a new calculated member in the dimension Project to group 2 projects:

  [Project].[SW - Banque],
  [Project].[SW - DSI]

Then search and bookmark projects SD - Service Desk and SW - Hors projects. Add bookmarked projects and calculated members to the same report.

I searched and bookmarked 2 projects, Demo alpha and Demo Beta, and created a new calculated member for two other projects. I selected them explicitly for this report:


eazyBI generates all the measures based on values from issues. If you would like to exclude one particular issue, you need to create formulas for each specific measure. I would suggest considering using a simpler approach and exclude the issue from import altogether. Use JQL query in import options and set the rule to exclude specific issues from there.

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