Measures in both rows and columns

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Is there a way to use Measures in both rows and columns at the same time?

I have a table with various members from an Area dimension as rows, and various calculated Measures as columns:

This works great.

I have also a Grouped calculated measure with a tuple returning all open issues belonging to Project A and all issues belonging to Area One regardless of the project:

([Measures].[Open issues],
[Project].[Project A])
([Measures].[Open issues],
[Area (Insight)].[Area One])

Is there any way I can use a measure which groups issues in the row of my table, and still keep the other calculated measures in the columns?

And if not, is there a way to group two dimensions so I can do a similar grouping, but in a Calculated member instead?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Vlad_Neykov,
It won’t be possible to use ‘Measures’ both in Rows and Columns, as measures represent different metrics. Measure binds data together and allows you to represent data from different points of view (dimensions). And it wouldn’t make any logic to show two measures from the Measure dimension on Rows and Columns, e.g., “Issues created” and “Issues resolved”. You can check eazyBI documentation to learn more about the Main concepts.

But as I understand, then you would like to have one dimension that would represent issues that are from “Project A” or have “Area (Insight)” with the value “Area One” and use it in Rows and then select different metrics from Measure dimension?
In that case, I suggest checking JavaScript calculated custom fields where you can define this type of business logic. On this topic, I suggest checking my colleague Daina’s presentation “MDX vs JavaScript: Behind Complex Filters”. And see related documentation about JavaScript calculated custom fields.

Gerda //

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Thanks Gerda!
Will check with our admins to see if we can use the JavaScript calculated fields.