Missing issue when select individually all the project items, but it appear when select "all projects" item


I’m facing a strange behavior in eayBI with project dimension.

I have several projects in my JIRA and when I select “All projects” item I have a different set of issues comparing when I select all the project items using “multiple”.


Seems like there are a different hidden project that is selected with “All Projects” item. I could identify the issue missed and his project appear in the list that I select using multiple.

Someone have idea why is different select all together with multiple or select the All projects item?

Thank you!

Hi @HugoVarandas,
I will just update this question in case somebody else runs into a similar problem.

The root cause for this problem is that missing issues have been assigned to a component that doesn’t exist in the Project.
The problem with Components and Project selection is related to the Project dimension default hierarchy - Project → Component. The link between measures and the Project dimension is created through the Component level. Therefore, the link isn’t created if the Component isn’t found in the project.

We have the improvement in our backlog to add a warning message about incorrect data.

Gerda // support@eazyBI.com