Modification of age days (different beginning date)

we need to measure the lead time of tickets. It is rather simple with the original measure “age days/resolution days”, but we need the duration starting with an specific workflow status (that means, start ist not the created date).
e.g. ticket workflow is: new-analyse-dev-test-done, we want to know the lead time from “analyse” onwards. I haven`t figured out, how to do this.
Can anyone help me with this ?

Hi @aalex,

One way on how to achieve this would be to create a new calculated member in the Transition Status dimension to aggregate the statuses you are interested in. The formula could look like the one below:

  [Transition Status].[Analyse],
  [Transition Status].[Dev],
  [Transition Status].[Test],
  [Transition Status].[Done]

You can then create a new calculated member in the Measures dimension that would calculate the number of days an issue spent in these statuses:

([Transition Status].[NAME],[Measures].[Days in transition status])

Please change the “NAME” to the name of the calculated member in Transition Status dimension created in the previous step.

Kind regards,
Roberts // eazyBI support

Hi Robert,
… great, its working! :slight_smile: thanks a lot!
best regards