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We have a custom field called “client” which contains the name of the client making the request, with all requests in the same project. What we would like to report on is the time (number of days) since the last ticket was raised by client. So would see a table something like:

Client    |    Days since last issue
A                      5
B                      1
C                      10
D                      3

I can get all the data into EazyBI but I’m wondering how I report on the time since the last issue for each client.


Hi @jcandiloro,

Yes, you can build such a report and a calculated measure to see days since the last issue the Client has reported.
You may construct a calculation like this. First, look for the date of the last created issues by going through all days in the Time dimension and picking the latest day with created issues. Then you may calculate days between the last found date for a customer and today.

The formula might look like this:

  --date of the last reported issue
    --go through days in Time dimension
      --last day when issue is created for selected Client
        [Measures].[Issues created],
      )) > 0
    --transform Time member to date for further calcaultions

More details on calculated measures and used function you can find there:

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