Moving user-entered field from Jira to eazyBI

Hi. We have Jira and users can enter values in a field called ‘Case Number(s)’ as shown in the attached image. Sample values typed into this field would be 123456 or 123456, 123457.

I asked our admin to make this field and its values available in eazyBI for reporting purposes, but he gave the following reply: “Case’s numbers cannot be pulled into eazyBI as it is a free form text field and cause the import to fail as cannot be transformed into the a measure or dimension.”

Is this true? If it is, this seems to be huge limitation within the eazyBI system.


Yes, it is true and there are several ways to overcome this limitation.

  1. The text fields can be still imported as Issue properties and you can implement some processing of the imported text in eazyBI using the MDX formulas.

  2. There are advanced features in eazyBI by which you can apply the Javascript code to the text fields and prepare the text field as elements for importing them into eazyBI as dimension.

Perhaps, the recommended way would be to change the field type in Jira to some structured field and import this field into eazyBI by standard custom field import options. The field could be of the label type in your case.