Multi labels dimension table

Hi, I was trying to make some table using labels like below:

lable1 lable2
label3 12 34
label4 56 78

I expected above like i counted manually but, it measures little wired

It shows sum of all labels I guess.


I tried that Jan-2021 as Time dimension but, Its number is not exactly what I want.
( reason : Jira creation day is not matched with what I want to issues on each month)

So, I want it to make that label X label dimension table.

Please anyone help me this.


Hi @Aiden,

I understand that you would like to check on label combinations.
In this case, you might want to import all applied label combinations as dimension members. If you have a significant issue amount, this option will work faster and do not require custom calculations.

  1. Go to eazyBI advanced settings and add the JavaScript calculated custom field for creating new dimension “Label combinations.”

    name = "Label combinations"
    data_type = "string"
    dimension = true
    javascript_code = '''
    issue.fields.customfield_eazybilabels = issue.fields.labels;

    For more details on JavaScript calculated custom fields and how to add them, please see the documentation: Advanced settings for custom fields - eazyBI for Jira.

  2. Go to import options, tab Custom fields, and select “Label combination” for data import as a dimension. Import data.

  3. In the report, set Measures on columns and select measure “Issues created”. Use dimension “Label combinations” on report rows and filter combinations of interest.

  4. Set "Label" dimension on pages and filter labels of interest. If you like, you can set Label dimension on report columns and pages at the same time: Create reports - eazyBI for Jira
    The report might look like in the picture below.

Zane /

There is one more option on how to create dimensions “Label combinations” without involving Jira admin. Since eazyBI version 6.6.0, account Owners, User admin and Data admin can add new calculated fields in import options. For more details please see the documentation: New calculated fields.

In this case,

  1. Go to account Source Data and edit import options

  2. In the tab Custom fields, choose to add new calculated field.

  3. Enter parameters to create new field “Label combination”. The new field definition might look like in the picture below.

Zane /