Multiple Boards Do Not Show under Project Dimension

When I import data from Jira I don’t see all the boards. We have multiple boards and teams under the same project and when I set project dimension, eazyBI lists board A, B, and C but not D and F… I have played with those boards’ settings, filters, etc. and everything looks exactly the same.
How can I import only one specific board within my project?

Hi @JiraLover,
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eazyBI imports only information that is available from the Issues point of view, meaning - if the issues from the projects you are importing don’t contain the information about the Sprints and Boards, then those values won’t appear in eazyBI.
Secondly, eazyBI has separate dimension Sprints, that contains all imported sprints in eazyBI (not the Project dimension).
Here you can read more about Jira Software customfields imported in eazyBI -

But if you have issues in eazyBI that contain values in Jira about Sprints that are missing then please send us more information with print screens to our support email so we can take a look at your case -