Navigate different Levels of a Hierarchy and Select Value


Referencing the Project

Im trying to selectively use different values to do my calculations.

Based on the same picture

Depending on the project level i want to change which value i use to calculate my %

For the lowest level i want the issues created count from the demo alpha value.

For demo Alpha i would want the value from the All Projects level, so really its like

Value / (CurrentRow - 1 ).value

Can you provide me tips as to how i can selectively determine which row to obtain the value from. Your data is just an example of what i want to do.


Further to this i have looked at things like

([Measures].[Issues resolved],
Ancestor ([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember, [Issue].[Project])

whilst this seems to work, and allows me to get an Ancestor in some instances i still need to get the DefaultMember.

How would i conditionally go about this

Hi @mrhaboobi

It seems you would need to divide by the value for the current issue member parent member, am I right? I.e., if there is an issue in the row, then you need the issue project; if there is a project in the row, you need to divide it by All issues.

You can always retrieve the parent member by using the function Parent:


Thus, the formula would be like this:

([Measures].[Issues resolved],