Need Calculated field for measuring Issue Story points that belong to a specific component

In my case, there are multiple projects and each having multiple sprints.

There are components which are classified under Projects.
So, there is a Component = “DEFECT” which tags specific set of issues as defects.

I now want to see Sprint wise - Defect % , which is Defect % = (Story points of issues tagged as Defect % in Sprint) / (Total Sprint Story points closed in Sprint).

The problem i am facing is that when i put projects under pages and put sprint under rows… i am unable to write a calculated measure that can help with this percentage.

Kindly request your help on this !

Can anyone please help on this?

Hi @Adiraju0102

We already discussed this over support emails, and I hope the solution suits your needs. I paste a short summary of it here.

You may want to create a new measure in Measures:

To get a value from all issues with a specific parameter, you may want to use

  1. a tuple from total story points (measure “Story Points created”), Project dimension component member “DEFECT” and all sprints (instead of the one selected in the report);
  2. to get the total of committed story points, measure “Sprint Story points committed” together with all sprints in another tuple.
  3. CASE WHEN construction to avoid dividing by zero.

Put together, and the formula would be the following:

  ([Measures].[Sprint Story points committed],
  ([Measures].[Story points created],
  ([Measures].[Sprint Story points committed],
   [Sprint].DefaultMember )

Use the correct project name in this member [Project].[PROJECT_NAME].[DEFECT]
If you do not use the Sprint dimension in the report, you may remove [Sprint].DefaultMember from both tuples.

Set percentage formatting for the measure!

Ilze /

Thanks Ilze, this really helped