Need help on easy BI list

Hi All,

I am new to easy bi tool. I am working on the one metrics is easy bi. I want to show the open defect in the list with following fields eg. ID, Title, status, assignee, Issue created , Ageing. And also I want to add the multiple check on issue created date and severity.
eg. Issue created date is greater than 4 and its severity is s1 them row/column become red. I have to add some more condition.
Is it possible to do in easy bi. If yes, can you please guide me.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @amit_arora

Welcome to the eazyBI community!

You may want to create a report with the “Issue” dimension in rows and all the attributes you need in columns, as in the example report here: Project issues with details
For the issue age (i.e. how days have passed since the issue was created), use the measure “Average age days” in columns.

Then you can use conditional formatting to color code the row if it meet specific conditions (read Conditional cell formatting); if you want to apply conditions based on several columns, you would need to use custom formula.
Find some examples on how to combine conditions in the community, for instance, see here Diferent cell formating for each row

See also a video on how to use cell formatting: Training videos on specific topics