Need Help with Displaying progress (as a number)

This is what I need to display as an integer…

Expected Progress = Total Stories * ((Current Date - Start Date)/(Target end date - start date))

I’m in the shallow end of the eazyBI pool. I can copy/paste/learn


Hi @joeweiss ,
It sounds that you need a guideline measure for your report.
Here is one example that is using Verison start and release dates: Version Issues Guideline - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

Also, this article could help you on creating your own formula:

Remember - we all have been at the shallow end of the eazyBI pool before being able to swim in the deep end, keep trying :slight_smile:

And if you need any more help, write to eazyBI support email with more details about your use case and dates you are using in your report, and how you would like your end result to look like!

Gerda //