Need to create a report with Issues to calculate weighted defect count

I have to create a dashboard that represents Quality Debt for each project.

  1. All Open defects for a particular Stream
  2. Applying the formula for weighted defect count [(P1x10)+(P2x4)+(P3x2)+(P4x1)] /Divided By/[Total Count (P1+P2+P3+P4)]
    P1 = Urgent & High Priority
    P2 = Medium
    P3 = Low
    P4 = Lowest

Can someone please help me on this, I’m really new to eazyBI

Hi @Komal_Varma ,
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You can use tuples to create measure that includes the weighted defect count. Use measure “Issues due” to represent unresolved issues in the tuples. The formula would be like this (I added CASE statement to avoid dividing by zero):

  ([Priority].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember, [Measures].[Issues due])>0
  (([Priority].[P1], [Measures].[Issues due]) * 10 +
  ([Priority].[P2], [Measures].[Issues due]) * 4 +
  ([Priority].[P3], [Measures].[Issues due]) * 2 +
  ([Priority].[P4], [Measures].[Issues due]) * 1) /
  ([Priority].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember, [Measures].[Issues due])

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Thank you so much @gerda.grantina!

You really made my day :pray:

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