New calculated mamber based on dimension for multiselect custom field

Hi I have a custom field dimension “GWO Bug Type”, This is multiselect field. This field can have below combination

  1. “QA Prod” → this has on 2 issues
  2. “QA Prod” and “Sitecore” → this has on 2 issues
  3. “QA Prod” and “Conflict”. → this has on 2 issues.

I tried to create calculated member and I can see result which is partially true. In below example at top level number is right 6 bugs in total for this memeber. but when I expand and I can see QA prod having 6 issues which I want to display only 2 and Conflict and Sitecore number is correct.

Could you please help me to achive this?


These results are the expected behavior of the report with a multi-value dimension.
If you do not want to count cases with QA Prod when there are other labels, how do we know we need to count Sitecore and Conflict, which also have other labels?

Janis, eazyBI support

I want something like below
if Bug type is QA Prod and SItecore then Sitecore
if Bug type is QA PRod and Conflict then Conflict
If Bug type is QA prod then QA