New Calculated measure

Hi, There is a default measure “Average workdays in transition status” ->here the result will be in days.
I want the result in “Days, Hours, Minutes” format for time spent in particular status.
How to define this new measure?

Hi @Suchithra,
To get the result in “Days, Hours, Minutes” format, you need to have a measure in minutes. See more here.

Please create a new measure that would convert “Average workdays in transition status” to minutes. Multiply the result with 24 hours per day and 60 minutes per hour. Then apply the formatting:

[Measures].[Average workdays in transition status]*24*60

Gerda //

Hi Gerda,

How to get total amount of time spent in particular 3 statuses for every single issue?
Awaiting for your reply…


Thanks for the response, It is working.