New issues found in a sprint


I read that the definition of Issues Created under Measure is:

Issues created - count of issues in a sprint. If an issue was in several sprints, then an issue is counted only for the last sprint.
if so how do i measure ONLY new issues (bugs) which were found and filled during a sprint time?

Im not interested to count issues (bugs) which were found in the past and were added to a sprint



There is a standard the measure in eazyBI “Sprint issues added”. It gives the count for all issues which were added to the sprint during the period when the sprint was active. This measure will give the count for an issue even if the issue will be added to several sprints. In the case of the bugs, you might use the tuple for this:

([Measures].[Sprint issues added],
[Issue Type].[Bug])

Alternatively, if you do not add the issue to the sprint scope, you can create a custom measure counting the issues created by the creation date. The formula would be following:

  ([Measures].[Issues created],
   [Issue Type].[Bug],
   [Sprint].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember)>0 and
   DateBetween([Measures].[Issue created date],
   [Measures].[Sprint start date],
   [Measures].[Sprint end date]

See here for more about the Sprint measures:

Kindly, Janis, eazyBI support