Newbie question please

I have the following custom fields in JIRA :
Assignee work start date, Assignee work end date, % time allocated.

Team members log % time allocated using a custom issue type template in which they will specify the Assignee work start date and Assignee work end date for specific tasks performed.

I would like to be able to sum/count/aggregate % time allocated for specific Assignee work start date and Assignee work end date time periods - typically Sunday through Saturday.

I unfortunately cannot rely on created date or changed date since those system dates may not pickup relevant entries (team members will create time entries on Monday against tasks performed for the previous Sunday through Saturday).

I did try to create such a report through the standard Dimensions/measures reporting. With no luck.

I also tried my hand at user calculated measures with abysmal luck.

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Hi @amanda.joubert,
Welcome to the eazyBI community! :wave:
First, you need to import your fields into eazyBI. Then you can calculate what is total of hours between the issue custom field “Assignee work start date”, “Assignee work end date” with this formula":

    --relates to Time dimension by start date
    [Measures].[Issues with assignee work start date] > 0)
  -- calculates the hours between dates
    [Measures].[Issue Assignee work start date],
    [Measures].[Assignee work end date])

About the “% time allocated” in the formula - can you share more information about the calculation you want to perform? How the end report should look, how the fields are defined in the Jira, and how you expect the formula to work?
If you have some sensitive information you don’t want to share on eazyBI community page, please send this information directly to