No "Drill through issue" if filtered per epic

Hi EazyBI team,

In an environment integrated with Jira I created a graph which shows the status of the task inside the epics.

Each row represents an Epic, the columns are the tasks in the epic filtered per status.

I created it by putting:

  • Measures and Status in column
  • Project in Pages
  • Project and Issue in Rows, filtering Epic in Issue “All hierarchy level members”

I need to be able to click on a slot and “Drill through issue” in order to understand what are the tasks showed in the graph.
Unfortunately this option is not available in this graph (it is in all the others I made), and I don’t understand why and how to fix it.

Thank you,
Kind regards

As you have already the Issue dimension in Rows the option to drill through Issues is not available.
You can use the option to drill into:

Or you can use the Epic Link dimension in Rows, but keep in mind that this won’t filter you sub-tasks in case your epic stories have them.

Gerda //