Non-categorised users on eazyBI view


My organisation are using EazyBI for Server (app version: 6.4.2). As part of a regular task we have to update a spreadsheet (which has two columns - users and teams) as per below:

This is then added as a Source File in the Source Data tab (which is then added to the cube “Issues”

This is then reflected in a report by aligning the user to the correct team (see below for example):

However, this is not happening, what I am seeing is when this spreadsheet is updated all the new members added end up in a category called (None).

I have checked for spelling errors and spaces in each row of the excel. As well as spelling vs the JIRA name but this doesn’t seem to work.

It is obvious I am doing something wrong, but I cannot work out what.

Thanks for reading (and hopefully solving my issue).



Please, apply to support for more detailed guidance.
We will need a screenshot from the data mapping and the report definition.

Janis, eazyBI support