Not able to apply filter in eazybi

Hi All,

I am new to eazyBi. I have a requirement… I have to build one query in jira to make a report where the query looks like:
1>status is closed or open or in progress AND
2>detected on environment is SIT.

I am tring to build a query like
([detected on environment].[SIT] , [status].[closed],[status].[open],[status].[in progress])

I am getting error that i cant use multiple value of the same name ( status).

Can anyone please help me with the query.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi @Arnab,

I would suggest you use

  • Measure Issues created on columns
  • The Status dimension on rows where you can search and bookmark only the statuses you are interested in.
  • Add the Detected on environment dimension to Pages and filter to see SIT

If you need this in a measure (tuple), you would first create an Aggregate(…) member in Status dimension and then use that member in the tuple.

Lauma /