Not able to fetch Bugs linked with story through inward_link as "testing discovered"?

Hi Team,

We’ve written code in advance setting to find bugs linked with story. It is -

name = "Bugs"
inward_link = "testing discovered"
issue_type = "Bug"
dimension = true
multiple_values = true

But it always gives the bugs which have inward_link = “related to” no matter what we’ve written the value for inward_link. Actually , we want to show bugs which have inward_link = "testing discovered " which is not working for us.

Is there any alternate to find linked any issue type with other issue type ??

Thanks in advance!

Hi @narendra_kumar_1995

In a situation when imported issues links look off, you might want to start by re-importing data to ensure that the links are imported correctly according to the latest changes in advanced settings. Do the double data import

  1. In source data, unmark custom field “Bugs” and run data import to clear previously imported custom field configuration.
  2. Wait till data import is completed.
  3. In source data, select custom field “Bugs” and rerun data import.

Also, double-check the correct name and direction for the link. For more details, please see the instruction on issue link troubleshooting:

Zane /