Not to count the issues whose resolution field is not empty


I created this calculated measure:

Sum(Except([Measures].[Issue resolution date]){PreviousPeriods([Time].CurrentHierarchyMember),

It is working well but I would like to exclude from the Sum the issues whose resolution field is not empty. Could you help me with this, please? Thank you!!!

Hi!! Any idea about this?

Thank you

Hi, @Joaquin_Gago

Thank you for your question. Sorry for not answering sooner.

I would suggest using a tuple to exclude the issues that have a resolution. Read more about it here: Tuple

For this to work properly you need to choose at least one measure - Issues created, for example. Then the formula should look like this:

[Measures].[Issues created])

Please, double-check the Status and Resolution names in the formula.


Thank you Ilze, that worked!!!

Best regards

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