Number of JIRA tickets in a given status at end of each day

Hello, I am brand new eazyBI and MDX. I have imported a JIRA project and I want to create a line graph that shows the number of tickets that are in status “Dev backlog” with a component of “FW” and a label of “Alpha_gating” at the end of every day for the date range 4/1/2023 to 6/10/2023. I figured out how to do the date range, and I think I figured out how to limit the results to the component of “FW” (I created a calculated member in the Project dimension <[Project].[Component].[FW]> and put the project dimension in the pages area) and did a similar thing with the Labels dimension. But I am totally stuck on how to show the number of tickets in a particular status at the end of each day. All I can ever do is show the number of transitions, or continually increasing number over time that I am assuming is the total number of tickets ever in that status…?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @IlliniBears,

For your report, use the measure “Issue history” and dimension “Transition Status” representing issues status changes. There is a description of mentioned measures and dimensions: Import issue change history.

You might want to start with the sample report “Unresolved issues by statuses over time” and modify it to your use case (it should be in your eazyBI account already in the folder “Samples Jira Issues”):

Howevere, the historical values of the multi-selection fields like Component and Lable are not available in eazyBI. You can use the “Label” dimension to filter data by the currently assigned labels and the “Project” dimension (Component level) to filter data by the currently assigned component.

Here are some related topics on filtering data by Component and issue history:

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