Number of open (unresolved or not closed) tickets per sprint

Hi I am trying to create a report/graph that displays the number of open of tickets per sprint. I have one to do per month but since we close them out on a per sprint basis, that isn’t idel.




Please find the documentation page about sprint scope measures: Jira Software custom fields

Perhaps you can use the measure “Sprint issues not completed” with “Sprint” dimensions to calculate the uncompleted issues at the end of each sprint.

See several sprint report examples here: Sprints Overview - Jira Demo - eazyBI

Martins / eazyBI


This helps a lot! Is there a way to have the “Sprint issues at closing” to calculate based on the Sprint end date, instead of when the Sprint transitions to closed.

[Measures].[Sprint issues at closing] =
( [Measures].[Transitions to],
[Transition Field].[Sprint status],
[Sprint Status].[Closed],
– An issue was in a sprint at closing
[Issue Sprint Status Change].[Active => Closed]

Some of our sprints were closed out late accidentally and/or we reopened to adjust something, but we want to use the sprint end date instead of the actual end date.

Try this formula:

[Measures].[Issues history],
	[Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Complete date')
[Transition Status].[Closed]