Number of Unique Users that have participated in a project

I am trying to create a DAU graph based on interactions with a project. I have the following in my advanced settings to get the total number of interactions per user but I am having trouble getting the number of users in the Activity History Measure.

name = "Activity History"
data_type = "integer"
measure = true
multiple_dimensions = ["Assignee","Time"]
javascript_code = '''
var activities = [];
//check history records for each issue
if (issue.changelog.histories && issue.changelog.histories.length > 0) {
  for (i=0; i<issue.changelog.histories.length; i++) {
     //get date and author of each history record
    var activityDate = issue.changelog.histories[i].created;
    var activityAuthor = issue.changelog.histories[i].author.accountId;
    activities.push(activityAuthor + ',' + activityDate.toString().substr(0,10) + ',1');
//check comments for each issue
if (issue.fields.comment.comments && issue.fields.comment.comments.length>0) {
  for (j=0; j<issue.fields.comment.comments.length; j++) {
    //get date and author of each comment
    var activityDate = issue.fields.comment.comments[j].created;
    var activityAuthor = issue.fields.comment.comments[j].author.accountId;
    activities.push(activityAuthor + ',' + activityDate.toString().substr(0,10) + ',1');
//get the array of changelogs and comments
issue.fields.customfield_activities = activities.join("\n");

I am hoping to turn this into the number of unique users.

From Support:

Thank you for reaching out to us with the request.

You can create a new custom measure counting the unique assignees having the activity:

[Measures].[Activity History]>0

Let me know if this measure works, or any adjustment might be needed.


Janis Plume
eazyBI support