Obtain Story Points based in Custom Field Value

I am trying to create a report that pulls all story point values is a custom field is set to Yes

Tried different Filters and even cases - looking for a solution to be able to obtain story point value

I have tried the following but returns no values

[Measures].[Issue Capitalization].[Yes]
[Measures].[Story Points resolved]

I believe, @briantaylor received answers on his use case from my eazyBI support colleagues directly.

There I will try to summarize for a community why this Aggregate didn’t work as expected.

All aggregate functions require a set of data, over which to perform aggregation. In this case, a set would be all issues which have custom field value “Yes”, and function would aggregate resolved story points of those issues.

  --set of issues with matching custom field value Yes
    Descendants([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
    CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Issue Capitalization],"") MATCHES "Yes"),
  --story points to sum up
  [Measures].[Story Points resolved]

In this case, more elegant solution (and faster than aggregate) would be a tuple of measure Story Points resolved and custom field “Capitalization” dimension member “Yes” like this:

( [Measures].[Story Points resolved],
[Capitalization].[Yes] )

Zane / support@eazyBI