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I have recreated the Open issues Trend report for a burndown based on what we consider “completed” from a testing status perspective.

Everything is working well but have one question…

On the Open Issues Trend report in the demo site the graph shows essentially a straight line up to today then has the future trend shown based on the work they have been completing since the “start date” configured in the measures.

Is there a change that could be made to the Open Issues until today that would actually show a trend line? So we are at 50 left today and two weeks ago we had 200 so we would see the historical go from 200 then down to 50 for an actual trend line instead of just the straight line at 50?

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We are using generated data for our demo reports. We update data in our demo account from time to time. However, there might be a case they do not work well for some scenarios to give a good representation. For example, if there are no activities for some time, the open issues will give a straight line. It might happen on our demo data.

We suggest importing reports into your account. You should see the changes in open issues till today and the trend line since today reflecting the actual changes in Open issues.

Please note that you can consider using default measures Open issues, and default Trend line calculation.

The example report Open issues trend in our Demo account uses custom formulas to limit default measure Open issues to show any data till today (Open issues till today).

The measure Open issues trend in future has a limitation to show a default trend line since today only. You can use a default calculation Add calculated > Trend line to measure Open issues to see Open issues trend over time (straight line).

However, I made a small change in the formula for Open issues trend in future. It will build the trend line based on Open issues since the report start date till today. You can check if the updated formula from our demo account will work better for you.

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Hi @daina.tupule

From the above sample report Open issues trend
it is even showing the done status issues, If the issues is done how can it be an open issue.

Can you please clarify.

eazyBI detects an issue as resolved if the issue has a resolution date. We do not use status to detect open/resolved issues. A default Jira workflow sets the resolution date at the moment when a resolution is set for an issue and removes the resolution data when the issue is removed from the issue.

Please check this community post on the Open issues metric:

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