Open Tickets shown only with "All Times"

I´m seeing in all my reports that when I use the Measure “[Measures].[Issues due]” these open tickets are only displayed when the Time Dimension is at “All Times”; if I choose a time period (for example Q4-2020) the tickets are no longer displayed. Why is that? Could it be any data corruption in the backend?
It should be that open tickets are always displayed - no matter which time period is chosen, right?


As always: Thanks for your help!

Hi @AntonBDR,
Measure Issue due works as expected in your example as it is count of due (or unresolved) issues that do not have resolution and resolution date. On the Time dimension they are grouped by issue due dates (if issue does not have a due date then it will be counted only in All Times member).
(see more here:

There are two approaches you can do (or even more, depending on what you want to achieve):
a) Add Due date to your issues and then they will appear in selected Time period
b) You can create a tuple in Measure dimension that check unresolved issues (by Resolution dimension) with creation date that has been selected Time dimension:

  [Measures].[Issues created],

If this is not the solution you are looking for please specify what you would expect in your report to be shown!

Gerda //

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Thanks a lot @gerda.grantina !

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