Order by Totals

I have a table and a graph that I would like to order the data by the total
but I see no UI option for it
so maybe an MDX option
This is the graph
and I wish the columns will be ordered from tallest to shortest

Hi @Avi_Bachar

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If I understand correctly, you are using the built-in Total function to calculate the totals and have switched it to the “spline” type, right?

There is no option to order by the Total values, but you can order by the All level member.

In this example, I’m using the Priority dimension in Columns and the “All priorities” level as well. Click on the legend square, disable it from stacking, and convert it to the “spline” type. After that, click on the “All Priorities” name and choose “Order by” → “Descending”.

Let me know if this fits your use case!

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Hi Thanks for the detailed answer
I followed you with the first part of replacing the build-in total with the All Member
but I still do not see the Order By option

any further tip?

Hi @Avi_Bachar

I see that you have the “Swap axes” option enabled which means that your “Status” dimension is in Rows instead of Columns (you can switch to the Table view to see this). Ordering in reports is done by Columns and not by Rows, so it’s necessary to swap those dimensions around.

Disable the “Swap axes” option and swap the dimensions manually, so that in the Table view the “Status” dimension would be in the Columns section.

Let me know if this solves the issue for you!
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Thank you very much
worked just find and also I understood what I am doing wrong for a while which required me to use the swap.

I do have another question
I will put it here although different subject
if it is more appropriate I will open a new discussion

So, I am working on an epics progress bar
that start like this:

I have took issue dimension with Epic hierarchy
over status dimension with status category hierarchy
and as measure Story Points Created
and it is fine by now.

now I would like to filter (page) by Feature and Initiative (both are Custom fields of epic marked above with green marker)
So I select all epics of a feature and see only these epics on the report.

but when I do that the report is cleared from everything.
this is what happens when I select an initiative called PrdSec
and for sure there are epics with this initiative (imported both as dimension and as issue property)

any hint here?

OK Just to update
until now I have learned much on the net, and here and fixed that problem and many others
still have some others but not for here.
10x @nauris.malitis :slight_smile: :pray:


Thanks for the update!

If you need any additional assistance feel free to create a new Community post or reach out to us at support@eazybi.com :slight_smile:

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