Order of calculated members changes when I expand their levels

I’m Sienna trying to make a report for project issues.

To order projects, I defined a caculated member in this way. (Please refer the code, PLT and COM)

And when I chose the level as Projects, it works well as I expected like this.

But whenever I expand the levels of each rows, the order changes always. (COM comes first always.)

Could you guess the reason and give me some advice about this problem?
I want to fix the order as PLT and COM.

Best regards,

Hi @nabbonge

We have noticed similar behavior when previous selections were not reset before a new selection is added and the member is expanded.
Try resetting all members at the “Project” level from the “Project” dimension menu “All hierarchy level members” to reset previous selections.
And only after that select your calculated member in rows and expand it again.

If that didn’t work, please export and share you report definition.

Martins / eazyBI support