Page Filter not operating as expected


I am having issues when using multiple page filters loosing issues.

I have Time in Rows and a set of measures based on this example Issues due and overdue - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI, They are for issues, Completed on Time, Completed Late, Forecast on time, At risk (forecast late) and In Review. I have dimensions for Projects and a custom field of “Contract” in Pages.

When i select both a Project and a Contract specific issues are removed from the chart i.e.

Issue x is in Project a and Contract a.

When I select Project a with all Contracts I see issue x.
When I select Contract a with all Projects I see issue x.
But When I select Project a and Project a I don’t see issue x.

Do you have any idea what could be causing this?

Any help would be much appreciated.



Hi @gav.yates ,

Please share the report definition on Much depends on the report context and alterations you have made to the measures. Also, please provide more details on the custom field “Contract” - what type of field is it?

Please see the eazyBI documentation page on how to export a report definition - Create reports.

Roberts //