Parameter in the URL of Dashboard to provide value for drop-down filters

Is there a way to apply filter for Project/Board/Issue Type in the dashboard using a parameter in the URL, similar to such filter in REST API Report Export? We’re using On-Prem version of EazyBI for JIRA DC.

For example

Currently our users have to enter filter values in Dashboard UI manually which is causing many confusions.

Here is an example of dashboard URL

Such Dashboard URL does not change when a value is selected in a drop-down “All Projects” or “All Boards” or “All Issue types”, which is a problem.

Hi @Anthony_B ,
It is not possible within eazyBI to pass page selection in the URL, but maybe you can benefit from Jira dashboards?
Create different dashboards per team and save different page selections in those dashboards, see an example here:

Another option would be to save dynamic page selections in eazyBI, e.g., “Current month,” so the filter adjusts when the month changes?

Gerda //

Just in case someone else stumbles across this like I did.

EazyBI DOES now support URL parameters. See Use public access token and URL Parameters for Page Selections - #2 by oskars.laganovskis for details of the selected_page parameter.

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