Pie Chart showing Assignees of open Sub-tasks for Initiative Issue Type

Please can you help with how I can display on a pie chart displaying all sub-tasks due by assignee for sub-tasks that are children of Initiative Issue Type?

Hi @Barbs,

Using ** issue link field dimension, you can filter child issues, like sub-tasks, by their parent issues type. The idea is to create a new dimension, “Parent Issue Type,” and use it on report pages.

  1. Go to eazyBI advanced settings, and add definition to generate dimension “Parent Issue Type”. The advanced settings for the field might look like this:

    name = "Parent Issue Type"
    source_dimension = "Issue Type"
    issue_id_column = "subtask_parent_id"
    group = "Linked issue dimensions"
  2. Go to import options, tab Additional options, and select dimension “Parent Issue Type” for data import. Then import data.

  3. Add the new dimension to your report and select the Initiative for “Parent Issue type” to filter only those sub-tasks under initiatives.

Please see the documentation for more details and other examples of using issue link field dimensions: Issue link field dimensions.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com