Piechart by issue custom properties


I’m struggled with creating a piechart based on my custom issue fields.

So I have 2 custom fields:

  • Location, that has values, for example, USA, Europe, Asia
  • Activity type, that has values, for example, Implement, Fix, Other

I would like to have a piechart graph, where I would like to see the percentage of activity type with Pages filter based on location. For example, for location USA it should show me a pie chart like 19% of tasks were with activity type - Fix, 1% with Other and the rest 80% was Implement activity type, and the same calculation for other locations.

Can someone please help me to achieve that?


That should be the default behavior of the pie chart once you put the Location dimension in the report pages and the Activity type in the report rows (note to expand the activity type to the lowest level).
The pie chart will show the percentage of issues by the Activity type in the selected Location.

I created a similar report with two custom fields:

Janis, eazyBI support