Present static data on a dashboard

Hi Community,

In our company we have an EazyBI dashboard for engineering KPI’s which are calculated based on JIRA data. I would like to present test automation coverage data in the dashboard. This data is not available in JIRA.
The data is in the following format (excel): Project (matches JIRA project), Platform (Web, iOS, Android. each project can have several platforms for automation coverage), # Total Scenarios, #Automated test scenarios, Data entry date.
As you may see I have running totals of automated cases which are related to JIRA project only. I am able to convert the data representing a running list of delta’s for automated cases.
I am aiming:

  • plan minimum: to present a graph of most recent automation percentage by product
  • plan maximum: being able to present project automation coverage over time by using regular data import.
    I failed trying to import data as property or a measure linked to Project level. I assume that it might be necessary to change our definition of our Jira cube.
    Would you be able to suggest how to present such static data in EazyBI dashboard?


Hi @Rasa_Mazutiene

Welcome to eazyBI community.

There are certain restrictions for “Issues” cube that is being created when you import data from Jira into eazyBI.

One of such restrictions is that you can’t create new dimensions form additional data.
Please read more about additional data import here:

That would mean that you can’t create a “Platform” dimension from an excel file.

But you could perhaps evaluate creating a totally new cube (preferably in new account - there is no limit on the number of accounts) from your Excel file if you don’t need to map Excel to Jira issues from the “Issues” cube.
Then you are allowed to create as many dimensions as you need from the Excel file.

And you can always reach out to eazyBI support if you have specific questions about creating the cube or mapping your data from an excel sheet.

Maybe this documentation page will help you understand how to map data from Excel file to create new cube:

You could also think of ways to automate the import (by importing data from the original source using Rest API or SQL select as source applications). Currently, you can’t have automated imports from Excel files.

Martins / eazyBI support