PreviousPeriods for current year

I using a PreviousPeriods to sum target in my sales department report. Problem is when I choose 2020 in Time filter, my function summs also targets from 2019. How to change this function to display only values for current choosed year

  [Measures].[Sale Plan with expected]

Hi @Tomasz_Bryla
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Function PreviousPeriods() always includes all the previous periods form the first member of Time dimension until the selected one.

In your case, I suggest trying standard calculation “'Cumulative sum” instead: click on the column header “Planowane”, select Add calculated --> Cumulative sum, and a new column “Cumulative Planowane” with the cumulative sum of Planowane values, calculated across all displayed columns, appears.
Read here:

See example with cumulative Isaues created:

Hope, it could be a solution for you!