Private EazyBi as an external client report portal

We currently us EazyBI for JIRA and present a number of data point via a customized confluence customer portal. We bring in data from a number of other tools via SQL and rest API. We like it and it works well. The addition of data access roles have helped tremendously with the ability to create reports once and use them for all clients.

So why I’m posting, licensing is an issue. With some new clients onboarded I’m just about where I need to buy the next tier of jira licensing. With our other addon, that purchase is a rather large number, just to allow a client to view a report. This got us looking at the unlimited user version of on prem eazy bi. It would free up a bunch of jira licenses (need to use jira licensing to make the data access roles work) and still provide us with the tool we are happy with. So my big question, can I still embedded EazyBI reports into confluence if using the on prem solution? We would likely have clients log in to EazyBI directly but for internal uses still want to put dashboards in confluence. Would allowing client is to log into EazyBi directly bring any issiesnor risks with it? The idea would be that all accounts would be granted a data access role that would auto filter the reports they can see. If we had two roles, one for folder access and one for data would that work?

eazyBI has an option to publish reports in an iframe with access token for users outside Jira. You can add this iframe in Confluence.

In this case, eazyBI does not verify if a user has an access to particular report/account. You need to take care of data access to the confluence page by yourself.

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