Private EazyBI Licensing

Hi Team @ilze.leite @VasileS @oskars.laganovskis,

I was already using EazyBI Jira license now we are planning to get private EazyBI and we have few queries like below.

  • We need to connect this license(private EazyBI) with DB2(IBM) for that we need any ODBC or directly we can integrate with the DB2(IBM) ?
    *Can we upgrade the existing EazyBI Jira license to Private EazyBI.

Also can you please share the Pros and cons of this license(private EazyBI).

Thanks in advance.

Maheshwar Reddy Maccha


eazyBI does not support DB2. Please, check the supported databases here: Install Private eazyBI

We strongly recommend the use of the eazyBI app for Jira if you analyze the Jira data. Please, find here the overview of the differences here: Jira app or eazyBI Private for Jira?

Please, contact support about licensing if you have an eazyBI app license and still wish to switch to the Private eazyBI.

Janis, eazyBI support

Hi @janis.plume ,

Thanks for the reply and is there any alternate way to get a connection with IBM(DB2) to use private EasyBI.