Problems using 2 different data sources in table

Hello. I am new to eazyBI and am learning how to use the tool and MDX through playing with data on the current COVID situation in the USA. I uploaded data in a google sheet to a cube with data in the following dimensions:
[Time] <-- in days
[Location].[Country].[Region].[State Province]
[Measures].[Daily Cases]
[Measures].[Total Cases]

I then uploaded another google sheet with data in the following dimensions:
[Location].[State Province]

When I put the population with the daily cases and total cases by State Province, I can see the population of each state just fine. However, when I put Time in the Pages section and choose an individual day, the population disappears.

Why does the population go away? How can I ensure that the population stays?

Is there a certain way I can write a tuple on showing population of each state no matter what the time dimension is showing?

Here’s the report:

Thank you!

For anyone wondering, I figured out the solution to my question. I’m using the following tuple to show population regardless of the time dimension:


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