Progress Status Date

Hi Team, I am trying to find last “progress status” changing date. I saw some other solution about last status date from community and I tried code you see below.

CASE WHEN ([Measures].[Progress Status], [Time].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember) > 0
[Measures].[Progress Status] > 0

But I got a this error —> #ERR: Expected value of type NUMERIC; got value ‘Cancelled’ (STRING)

I expect date (last progress status changing date) but I got this error. How can I fix it?


Hi @must1

​If your Progress Status is Status field, you could try the formula below replacing “Progress Status” with correct status name in case it doesn’t work.

[Measures].[Transition from status last date],
[Transition Status].[Progress Status]

​If the “Progress Status” is a custom field make sure you have imported “Progress Status” field with value changes: 13
Only then eazyBI will import historical changes for this field. If you don’t see “Import value changes” in import options, you might need to enable the value change import for the custom field (learn more here Import issue change history - Enable in one account)

([Measures].[Transition from last timestamp],
[Transition Field].[Progress Status]
) )

Best wishes,

Elita from

Hi @Elita.Kalane,

The “Progress” value I mentioned is for situations such as when the request is active, canceled or on hold.

Here I want to find the last change date of “Progress Status”.
(For example Progress Status: Active ------------ New: Cancelled)
I tried the answers in the answer you gave, I followed the steps and checked the import properties.

But it still returns empty. Do you have another solution? If you have could you share?