Project Description

I am trying to import via advanced settings the project description into an EazyBi Report. After checking the json fields as per I can see description isn’t one of the fields available. I can access the self reference and when I check that I can see the project description.

My question is: Is there a way of loading the JSON feed from the project self reference in javascript to access project description or is there a different way to do this.

Hi @Darren_Lattin
Welcome to eazyBI community:

Json fields in import options would return mostly custom fields for issue level and some predefined project level fields. Unfortunately, project description is not among them.

To import project properties, you could try additional data import and Rest API source application
Try this endpoint:

Then you could map the Rest API query results to “Project” dimension members and create a new property for each imported project, that would represent project description.

See more on additional data import here:

Meantime I registered new feature request to import Project description automatically (like we import “project lead” into a new measure). I already upvoted this request but I can’t share any details on the expected delivery date.

Martins / eazyBI team