Project prediction chart

Hi, I am using Project prediction from eazy bi for my project and I see though my project predicted date in Sep 13 2025, in my time column I am able to see data only till Q1 2025 instead of Q3 2025.

Can some one help me to show the time value till Q3 or sep 13 2025 so that the entire projection comes in a line chart?

Hi Mary,
‚ÄčeazyBI generally only created dimension members that are encountered during the data import. Therefore, the Time dimension on your eazyBI data cube only stretches into Q1 of 2025.
‚ÄčThe calculated predicted future date in Q3 2025 could not be plotted to the dimension as that date was not encountered during the data import yet.

‚ÄčHowever, you might create additional future or missed date members as required or on a regular basis during the data import.
‚ÄčPlease read more about these options here - Add members to Time dimension.
‚ÄčOskars /

Thanks Oskars for clarifying .

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