Project Prediction report - change time of project prediction for the last 3 months


Is it possible to change the time of project prediction ?

In the Project Prediction report, the project predicted date take into account all issues since the start of the project, I want to have the velocity just for the last 3 months.

I added a new calculated member in the Time dimension for the period to track the performance for the prediction. (“Last 3 months”):
I tried to change the project predicted date to take into account just the last 3 months but it’s not working:

Case when
([Measures].[Issues resolved],
[Time].[Last 13 weeks]) > 0
([Measures].[Issues due],
[Time].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember) > 0
DateAddDays( Now(),
– add days to reach this ammount
– all currently open stroy points
([Measures].[Issues due],
– divided by days performance
– resolved story points in last 13 weeks
([Measures].[Issues resolved],
[Time].[Last 13 weeks])
– days in the last 13 weeks
‘13 weeks ago’,

Thank you

Hi @Megacreation
Thanks for raising this question!
Your formula seems to be correct. You mentioned that you had created a new Time member and I see that you are also using it in the formula.
Can you please share a screenshot of how you have created your “Last 13 weeks” Time members?
Since that is a weekly member, please verify if you have created your member at the Weekly hierarchy.

If this doesnt fix the results in your report, please reach out to us at and send us your report definition (Export and import report definitions). Please also add a reference to this community post.

Best wishes,

Elita from