Project Prediction report - change time of project prediction

Hi guys,

Is it possible to change the time of project prediction?

For instance, in this example we started with a pretty good velocity, but we are slowing down within the last weeks. Hence, if we could update the “start” of project prediction taking into account only the “last 4 weeks” would give us a better estimation;

In this case, if we take into consideration the velocity of the “last 4 weeks” we will finish it by the end of the year, since we are having like 1 issue per week resolved.

Thank you

You can update the Predicted completion date to reflect the progress of last 4 weeks in the following way.

First, you would like to create a new calculated member in the Time dimension for the period in which you wish to track the performance for the prediction. The formula could look like this (“Last 4 weeks”):

  [Time].[Day].DateMembersBetween("4 weeks ago","today")

Now the formula of the Predicted completion date should be adjusted to consider the daily performance for this period:

Case when
  ([Measures].[Issues resolved],
   [Time].[Last 4 weeks]) > 0
   ([Measures].[Issues due], 
    [Time].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember) > 0
  DateAddDays( Now(),
  -- add days to reach this ammount
  -- all currently open stroy points
    ([Measures].[Issues due], 
 -- divided by days performance
      --  resolved story points in last 4 weeks
       ([Measures].[Issues resolved], 
     [Time].[Last 4 weeks])
      -- days in the last 4 weeks
       '4 weeks ago', 

Janis, eazyBI support