Project Story Point Tracking

I’m trying to track the progress of story points for a Jira project. In simple terms, I’d like to track monthly values for Story points created, Story points resolved, and (the difference between the two) Story points renaining. I can’t find the right EazyBI measures to give me my simple calculation! For instance,
(SP remaining last month) + (SP created) - (SP resolved) is not equal to (SP remaining)

What measures should I be using?

Hi Andy,

The reason why the difference between the story points created and resolved does not match the remaining story points is that Story points created/resolved measures cannot track the historical values of the story points. Those measures are calculated by the current values of the story points and mapped on the Time dimension by the date when the issue was created/resolved.

The measure of “Story points remaining” is designed for the precise history tracking and keeps the value of the story points on time, including the changes in story points estimation.

There can be different approaches for aligning the incoming story points flow with the resolved and remaining. Perhaps, the most straightforward would be to reproduce the standard calculation of Open Issues and implement the same logic with the story points. The alternative formula for the remaining (or Open) story points could be the following:

CASE WHEN [Issue].CurrentMember.Level.Name <> 'Issue' THEN
      Cache([Measures].[Story Points created]
          - [Measures].[Story Points resolved])
    + [Measures].[Story Points created]
    - [Measures].[Story Points resolved]
WHEN [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember IS [Time].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember
THEN NonZero([Measures].[Story Points due])
  -- the optimized formula for drill through Issue
        [Issue].CurrentMember.get('Created at'),
        [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember) AND
      NOT DateBeforePeriodEnd(
        [Issue].CurrentMember.get('Resolved at'),
      [Measures].[Story Points created]),

The remaining story points now are fully aligned with the created and resolved:

Janis, eazyBI support