Query to filter issues of a fix version distinctly when issues are tagged to more than 1 fix version

Hi Team,

I have 2 fix versions - v15.0.0 and Fed MVP Phase 2
Some issues are tagged to only v15.0.0
Some issues are tagged both to v15.0.0 and Fed MVP Phase 2.

I want to fetch a count of issues tagged to v15.0.0 but not to Fed MVP Phase 2

How can this be done in EazyBI.

Please help


If you want to find issues that have one and only one fix version, and it is v15.0.0, then you may use the new issue property “Issue Fix Versions” (available since eazyBI version 6.1.) and create the following measure (in Measures):

  Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
  [Measures].[Issue fix versions] = "v15.0.0"
  [Measures].[Issues created]

Remember, the version name in the property “Issue fix version” is case-sensitive!


Ilze, support@eazybi.com