Question: Counting the Number of Linked Issues

Hi, @jlayug!

There are several ways how to look at this:

First and most straightforward approach would be to count how many keys are in the Issue property. The following formula would do this by counting how many commas are in the string of bugs linked to the issue.

CASE WHEN NOT IsEmpty([Issue].CurrentMember.get('Bugs'))
  - Len(Replace([Issue].CurrentMember.get('Bugs'), ',', '')) 
  + 1

Second way would be to count linked issues by getting them from the Issue dimension; see a similar request Need help with creating measure for imported linked issue key.
By getting the linked issues, you would have an option to group the linked issues by their creation date on the timeline. The formula would be similar to following

  [Measures].[Issues created] > 0

Lastly, eazyBI does not import the date when the link was added to the issue. If you are looking for such a count on the timeline, then you would need to create a script that runs through the issue changelog and finds the date when the link is added. In the Jira Server app, it would be possible to create a new scripted field to do this, in Jira Cloud it could be done with JavaScript calculated field.

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