Read Value from Custom Field in Report

Hi Team,

I am new to eazyBI reports, Need your help to create a report which can fetch test case count by each Product team

Below are the details which can help you understand my Jira setup and eazyBI import

Jira project: Name: Testing Board

Each team will create story and sub-tasks to capture key parameters in this Jira project

Below are the field captured in typical sub-tasks

Jira Field Name Field Category Field Type Usual Value Imported to eazyBI as
Summary Standard Jira Field Edit Field Test Execution standard
Product Team(s) Custom Jira Field Dropdown Data Science Dimension
TC Custom Jira Field Integer Field 27 measure

I would like to create a measure which can :

Condition 1: Filter all sub-tasks belong to “Product team(s) = “Data Science” AND Summary = “Test Execution”
Then: SUM of value from field “TC”

I would like to build the report in eazyBI which will look like this:

Product team(s) Total TC
Data Science 127
Customer Experience 321
ERP 478

Appreciate your help, I really want to build this report at the earliest.


Hi @YathishAradhya,

From the table, I see that you already have imported custom fields “Product Team(s)” as dimension and “TC” as a measure in eazyBI using standard functionality. The struggle is how to use standard field Summary for grouping issues.

A free-format text field can contain any information and are not well suited for grouping data.
However, in eazyBI, you might want to create a new JavaScript calculated custom field that would process the Summary content and group all issues with a specified keyword in summary; the rest of the issue would be marked with (empty)

  1. In eazyBI advanced settings, add the code to group issues by text in the Summary field. The script might look like this

    name = "Is Test Execution"
    data_type = "string"
    dimension = true
    javascript_code = '''
    if (issue.fields.summary && issue.fields.summary == "Test Execution") {
      issue.fields.customfield_sumry_tc = "Test Execution";  
  2. In import options, tab “Custom fields” select “Is Test Execution” for data import as dimension. And import data.

  3. In the report, set dimension “Is Test Execution” on pages and select value “Test Execution” to filter issues with a summary “Test Execution”.
    On the report rows, set dimension “Product Team(s)”. And on report columns, select measure “TC created”.

Please read this documentation page on defining, validating, and applying JavaScript calculated custom fields: JavaScript calculated custom fields - eazyBI for Jira.

Here is another Community topic on how to group issues by the keywords in the Summary field:

Zane /