Real Sub-tasks resolved counts by assignee

In our service desk we assign tickets to the person who actually solved the issue.

I’m trying to get a count of subtasks of a specific issue type solved by assignee.
However when I select Measure Sub-tasks resolved and issue type New user, apparently it will count the number of parent (new user) issues that were assigned to a person and not the sub-task assignees.

Is there a way to get the correct count?

for example there is an unassigned parent issue

but in the sub tasks you can see the actual assignees who did the subtasks.

Hi Joep,

Yes, the Sub-task measures are linked with the Parent and are used when you would wish to see aggregated information about the parent and it’s sub-tasks together.

To achieve what you are looking for, you would need to use Issue link field dimensions to get Parent Issue type inherited to sub-task level. Following are the advanced settings to create such dimension

name = "Parent Issue Type"
source_dimension = "Issue Type"
issue_key_column = "subtask_parent_key"
group = "Linked issue dimensions"

When imported, you can use the default Issues resolved measure and filter to only see Sub-tasks and additionally add the filter of what Parent issue type you are interested in. In my example below I see how many sub-tasks and by which Assignee are resolved for Bug parent issues.

Lauma /

Hi Lauma,

I would like also to know if the cell color can be automatically set up according to the rules?
For example, if a task issue has 10 sub-tasks issue. If over 7 of 10 are resolved (>70%), then the task issue cell in the table will be set as green, otherwise will be set as red.
If it is possible to handle the flow automatically, could you give me some hints about how to realize it?
Thank you!

Hi @sda.sq,

You can achieve this with custom cell formatting. For example, here I have applied the exact value formatting for Issues created:

The rule I used is: CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Issues resolved], 0) / [Measures].[Issues created]

Lauma /

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