Referencing calculated values in another EazyBI report

Hi all - is it possible to create a measure that calculates values based on the values of another report in eazyBI? Sorta like how in Excel you can calculate values based on a table in another sheet. I’m having issues building multi-level calculations to get things like “how many epics have unpointed stories”. Thanks.


we have discussed this question via support email.

A summary of the general answer: you can use the same measures or adjust a measure that replicates the same situation as in another report, but directly accessing another report result is not possible in eazyBI.

For instance, to get for each epic the number of un-estimated stories, create a measure with the following code and use it together with Issue dimension Epic hierarchy or Epic link dimension in rows:

([Measures].[Issues created],
[Issue type].[Story])
([Measures].[Issues with Story Points created],
[Issue type].[Story])


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